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As early as the 1920s, my grandfather, Egon Steimer, was one of the first clockmakers in the Black Forest highlands and even then produced top quality original Black Forest cuckoo clocks and wall clocks. Contacts were even then established in America, Canada, England and Switzerland. A sizeable number of his customers came from these countries for whom a genuine Black Forest cuckoo clock symbolised a true family home.

In the inter-war period, Egon Steimer opened America's first cuckoo clock business, in New York City. Our international customers remain to this today an important part of our company, and I am keen to maintain these global links.

In recent decades we have seen an astounding rise in the number of customers coming from the Far-East, South America, South Africa and Asia. As with many areas of business, the world of clocks has become extremely international.

In 1965 the business established by my grandfather was successfully taken over and developed by my mother. Having worked for a short period as junior partner to my mother, I established my own business and opened my first large store on the ground floor of Trescher's Hotel on Seestraße in Titisee, in the Black Forest. Since this time, two other firms have joined with the original company established by my grandfather and mother.

In 1994 I established a three-storey purpose-built store in Seestraße. This store displays a wide range of cuckoo clocks, wrist watches and many other gift products, together with a whole floor dedicated to our all year round German-style Christmas Market. Hard to imagine perhaps, but visit the display and the magic of Christmas will enchant you, whatever the time of year!

We now sell clocks world-wide, and to ensure our customers are served promptly efficiently, we have created a dedicated shipping department that packs and sends goods both quickly and securely.

My company is also represented at many Christmas markets.

We now employ over 70 staff in sales, in the office, in shipping, and of course our craftsmen and women, all of whom work together to give our customers a special and memorable experience of shopping and giving.

I look forward to your visit.

Alexander Brunner




The history of the cuckoo clock in the Black Forest

Cuckoo clocks orginated in the Black Forest, and the Black Forest has become famous world wide for their production. They are usually wall clocks, fitted with mechanical pendulums with chains and striking mechanisms. Since the middle of the 19th century the basic form of the casing has been a sloping roofed farmhouse decorated to varying degrees with elaborately carved wooden figures. What gives the cuckoo clock its name, and makes it so special, however, is of course in the chime.
A mechanical cuckoo, which appears on the hour from behind a door above the clock face, serves to provide an unmistakable indication of time. Simultaneously, the cuckoo call is sounded according to the hour. The call of the cuckoo is traditionally generated by a pair of organ pipes of differing tones, hidden within the clock.


America's first ever cuckoo clock store

During the inter-war period, Egon Steiner
founded the first ever cuckoo clock store in
the United States.

America's first ever cuckoo clock store

Our store at number 19 Seestraße

As well as our all-year-round Christmas Market, we also stock a wide range of
cuckoo clocks.


Our store at number 10 Seestraße

We stock a very wide range of long-case and cuckoo clocks here. Our specialist personnel
will be pleased to advise.

Our store at number 10 Seestraße

Our store at number 31 Seestraße

After a Black Forest gift for your loved ones back home? Look no further; everything you want is here.

Our store at number 31 Seestraße

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