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  Titisee/Black Forest

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Titisee, in the Black Forest Highlands, is world famous and known as the most beautiful of all the Black Forest lakes. Particularly in the summer months, Titisee is the destination both for day-trippers and holiday-makers in need of refreshment. It covers an area of 1.3 square kilometers and has an average depth of 20 metres. Titisee came from a glacier on the Feldberg and its banks still border the stones which accompanied the glacier on its downward journey. The lake has an outflow at 840 metres above sea level as the Gutach river, which turns into the Wutach at Haslachmündung and becomes part of the wildly romantic Wutach gorge.

On the northern bank of the lake lies the town of the same name, which is part of the town of Titisee-Neustadt. Countless souvenir shops and cafes line the pedestrianised lake promenade.

According to legend, the prettiest and largest natural lake of the Black Forest, Titisee got its name from the roman commander-in-chief Titus, when he camped with his troops on th banks of the lake. The beauty of the lake impressed him so deeply that he apparently immediately named it after himself. Whether or not this is true, the name "Titisee" first appears in a document from the year 1050.

Titisee means relaxation, fun, sport, pampering and sight seeing - a quality of life at the highest level. Titisee can offer all you require for a holiday, no matter what your age.

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